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The History of Music and Art Therapy

This website was made by Shayna Moreland, Kayla May, Anne Viccellio, and Claire Growney

Music therapy is a rapidly growing field in which music interventions are used to accomplish goals through a therapeutic relationship. Evidence shows that music therapy can help people to express their feelings, manage stress, promote wellness, alleviate pain, enhance memory, and improve communication. In addition, music therapy can be used as an aid in physical rehabilitation in conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

Art therapy is another therapeutic field that deals with using the process of creating art as therapy, or the psychotherapeutic transference process between the client creating the art and the therapist. It uses art media as a primary form of communication.  Art therapy is often helpful in promoting the client’s self-awareness, reconciling inner emotional conflicts, and fostering personal growth.  As this type of therapy has become increasingly popular, it has been used in the treatment of abused children, people who are grieving over the loss of a loved one and in the treatment of people with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and autism.

Music and art are two extremely useful and beneficial tools that therapists can use to help clients overcome difficult life circumstances.  For centuries people of all psychological backgrounds have been enjoying the aesthetics of music and art alike.  Moreover, the enjoyment of music and art have been a sign of  high society for many centuries.   It only makes sense that therapists would turn to these two positive forms of entertainment to relax and treat clients.  As you travel through this website, you will grow to understand how the field’s of music and art therapy came into existence and how they evolved over time to become what they are today.



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